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Guidelines for Banning Patrons


The following guidelines are to be used when a library patron has
violated the Rules of Conduct policy sufficiently to require banning from
the library property. As stated in these policies, the length of the ban
will be based on the nature of the violation.


* One day ban is for behavior such as refusing to comply with standard rules in
the Rules of Conduct. This is more minor disruptive behavior and should be
considered the basis response when patrons are having a hard time handling
library rules. One day can serve to calm people down without causing further


* 30 day ban is used when a “cooling down” period is needed. This is for verbal
abuse or inappropriate language rather than an assault. This also applies to
repeat offenders who have already been banned for one day several times. This is
a common length of time for staff to ban patrons when they get out of hand.


* Six month ban is more pronounced disruptive behavior and for more serious
violations of the Rules of Conduct. This also includes significant verbal harassment
of the staff or other patrons. This also includes patrons who have had a prior one
day or 30 day bans and who continue to violate the Rules of Conduct.


* One year ban is very serious problems, such as verbally or physically
threatening behavior, physical assaults of staff or other patrons, or criminal
activity in the library, with review for possible continuation. The police are usually
called for this type of incident and the patron may be arrested. Serious assaults
could be “I’ll kill you if I see you again”. This can also include patrons who have
repeatedly violated Rules of Conduct and have prior history of suspensions from
the library. At the end of the banning year, administration will review the banning
and decide whether the period of time needs to be extended.


* Beyond a year ban for the most serious incidents such as shooting a gun in the
library, threatening behavior towards children or stalking a staff member. The
Library Director will review the incident and make the appropriate decision as to
the length of banning. Prior to the end of the banning period, the Library Director
will review the banning and decide whether the period of time needs to be


We may also ban until further notice until we have a chance to investigate and
review an incident. We will then let the patron know what the decision is.
The Library Board gives the Library Director full authority to make decisions
concerning banning patrons. The Library Director may also delegate authority for
banning decisions when necessary. A notice of suspension may be given verbally
but any suspension beyond a day will be accompanied by a written notice to the
person, parent or responsible adult and will include the reason(s) for the
suspension or ban. The patron will be advised that if he/she wants to appeal the
decision, he/she must contact the Library Director within 10 days of the date of
this document. The Library Director and/or his/her designee will meet with the
patron and then issue a decision concerning the matter. The Library Director’s or
designee’s decision is final.



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