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Cambridge Public Library District



  • Reference service and access to the entire reference collection will be provided to patrons of all ages.

  • Reference service is provided 100% of the hours the library is open to the public.

  • Reference service is provided in response to all forms of inquiry, including telephone calls, mail, telefax and e-mail.     

  • When reference questions cannot be answered in-house, the questions will be referred to others sources. Interlibrary Loan services resulting from reference questions will be provided for patrons in good standing with a current Cambridge Public Library District library card.

  • Students with homework questions and trivia contest participants will be encouraged to use the library resources themselves.

  • Fees will not be charged for in-house reference service. The patrons may be charged for fees charged to the library from referral sources. Whenever possible, the patrons will be advised of this cost before the referral is made.

  • The reference staff will serve patrons courteously, impartially and with confidentially.

  • The reference service policy will be made available to the public.

  • Reference service will be evaluated annually.

  • This policy will be reviewed and updated every third year or as needed by the Reference            Staff, the Library Director and the Library Board.

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